FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Can one also buy from you on the spot?

At our location, there is no store, and it is not possible to pay for the goods in cash or by card on the spot. You can come to pick up the goods if the payment has already been made in advance on the online store and the option ‘I will pick up the goods myself’ has been selected.

Is it possible to pick up the goods immediately after placing the order?

You can pick up the goods after we have contacted you following the assembly of the goods, where we will also agree on a time for handing over the goods.

Can you also buy with an invoice for the company?

All companies registered through the online store or paying from a company account can receive an invoice. Additionally, at the checkout, you can select ‘payment by invoice,’ and the goods will be dispatched after the invoice is paid.

I have subscribed to the newsletter, but I am not receiving your newsletter?

Check the email address you used to subscribe to the newsletter to see if it’s working.

I would like to receive samples for testing. Is it possible, and how can I familiarize myself with your product range?

If you wish to receive a sample of a specific product, we can add it to your order if you indicate it in the comments. This is, of course, subject to the product’s availability for sampling. Additionally, we can schedule a product training session or consultation, and you are welcome to visit us to familiarize yourself with the products of interest.

We would like to arrange hygiene training for our beauty salon. Is it possible, and how much does it cost?

We would be delighted to conduct hygiene training at your beauty salon. Most of our training sessions can be conducted online, and purchasing multiple participations can also reduce the cost per participant. If you wish to provide training for all salon employees, we can arrange a session for everyone simultaneously online.

If you prefer on-site training at your salon, we are also available to travel. Pricing for on-site training will be determined separately and will depend on the distance and number of participants.

Do you issue certificates?

If the completion requirements are met, a certificate confirming the completion of the training will be issued for every course (except for product training).

Can I get a hygiene plan from you?

We either create hygiene plans ourselves or assist our clients who use Cleanella products in their work because we can only provide guidance on the use of those products. In addition, each student has the opportunity to create their own hygiene plan during the course (Hygiene in Beauty Salons).

What does the text ‘On order’ mean next to the product?

See tähendab, et toode on ajutiselt meie laost otsas. Mõned üksikud tooted võivad siiski olla pikemat aega “tellimisel”, sest huvi nende vastu ei ole piisavalt kõrge. Kui olete mõnest sellistest tootest huvitatud, siis saame täpsemalt vastata toote kohta, kui saadate meile päringu.

I am having problems with logging in and creating an account, is it possible to call?

In technical matters, please call the number (recommended on weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00): +372 55616041.