The guidelines compiled by Cleanella (in estonian)

Handwashing guide
Handwashing guide for kids
What do the symbols on the glove package mean?
Safety symbols guide
Workplace checklist
Dosage cheat sheet

Other guidelines (in estonian)

Information sheet on tattoo and permanent makeup pigments
Study: Some beauty service providers lack skills for offering health-safe services
Good Hygiene Practices in Beauty Salons (2022)
The Occupational Health and Safety Act
Using UV-C radiation devices in home settings may pose a health risk
What can be done in the workplace to reduce the spread of viruses? (
Decontamination of equipment and instruments used in beauty and personal care services. Guidelines for service purchasers. Olga Gurjanova, MSc. 2018
Tattooing and Permanent Makeup Popularity Threatens Health (PDF), European Commission's Research Center, 2016
Preventing Bloodborne Infections Transmission in Skin-Penetrating Beauty and Personal Care Services
Health Protection Requirements for Beauty and Personal Care Services Provision
Care and Maintenance of Children's Toys