In our blogs, we open the door to the world of hygiene and cleanliness. Our blogs focus on the hygiene of beauty salons and therapy rooms, proper cleaning, personal protective equipment, allergies, and disinfection.

Cleanella is not just an online store; it is a platform to discover new ways to ensure cleanliness and hygiene both in your work environment and everyday life. We share practical advice on how to ensure safety and cleanliness in beauty and personal services.

But we don’t limit ourselves to just the beauty world – we also think about therapy rooms, where hygiene also plays a key role. Our goal is to make hygiene rules understandable and accessible to everyone, highlighting its importance in everyday life.

Read, learn, and get inspired with Cleanella – where cleanliness and conscious living meet!

NB! Currently most blog arcticles are in estonian and not available here, we are translating them as soon as we can.