About Us

Well-organized hygiene in service provision ensures compliance with the regulations set by the Health Board and, most importantly, fosters customer trust and ensures the well-being of employees. We are convinced that adhering to hygiene standards and caring for both customers and service providers should not pose a challenge or be costly for a company. We offer practical solutions, provide free consultations, willingly share our experiences, and assist in developing hygiene plans. We provide a variety of hygiene training and products tailored to the beauty and personal care industry to help implement the aforementioned practices. In selecting our products, we prioritize solutions that are safe for human health and environmentally friendly.


The appreciation of hygiene, ensuring the health and safety of both clients and service providers during service provision.


To be the best provider of practical cleaning and hygiene solutions and products in the service sector. To provide companies with necessary knowledge about hygiene, its importance, and its impact on both their and their customers’ health.

Our story

The story began with the most practical case, where a beauty service provider/trainer sought a solution to a problem that had persisted for years – how to ensure hygiene in their work that would meet the needs inherent to their profession. It seems simple; stores are full of products with disinfectant properties, in addition to various sterilizers, hot air cabinets, UV cabinets, ultrasonic baths, and so on. Which of these is suitable for my line of work, my surface materials, my tools, and instruments? If most of the tools are made of plastic, how can I sterilize them and should I? What types should I use? These were just a few questions to which no one could provide precise answers. The concern and fear deepened about doing things wrong and thereby risking people’s health. Eventually, a solution emerged in the form of an expert from the healthcare sector, with extensive experience as a supplier of disinfectants and as a hygiene training facilitator, along with an impressive educational background. From experience, the idea for the company was born, with the aim of helping all representatives of the service sector find suitable hygiene solutions. In addition to hygiene, all service providers also need certain personal protective equipment to consider occupational hazards. A novice service provider often doesn’t know what problems may arise years later and how to prevent or at least postpone them. We share our experiences and offer solutions.